Created by: Robb Lovell (Choreography, Composition)
Dancers: Robb Lovell, and Susan Kozel
Interactive Graphics & Sensing Environments: Robb Lovell
Interactive Composition: in collaboration with Owen Clark, and Kenneth Newby
Mathematics for Visualization: Julie Tolmie
Dancers: Susan Kozel, Robb Lovell
Music: Terre Thaemlitz "Aging Core, Aging Periphery", Ambient Systems 3, Track 4
Stage Manager: Jamie Grifth,
Technical Director: Jean-Philippe Trépanier
Sponsored by: The Interactivity Lab @ Simon Fraser University Surrey and The Scotiabank Dance Centre
Special thanks to Mirna Zagar, Jamie Grifth, Susan Kozel, Thecla Schiphorst, Camille Baker, and Adrian Jones