Image - Sound - Light

Created by:

Robb Lovell

Collaborating Artists:

Gene Cooper, Loren Heiny, John D. Mitchell, David Lorig, Richard L. Loveless, George Pawl, Kelly Phillips, Matt Proctor, & Christopher Taylor


The Institute for Studies in the Arts
Information Technology
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Individual Credits:

Interactive Sound Score:
John D. Mitchell

Artificial Animal Design:
Richard L. Loveless

Steel Fractal Trees:
George Pawl, Matt Proctor,
with help from
David Lorig, Eric Paulson

Lighting Design:
Kelly Phillips

Kiosk Entry Computer:
Loren Heiny

Technical Crew:
David Lorig, George Pawl, Kelly Phillips

Poster Designs:
Anish Adalja, Chris Taylor

Web Site:
Loren Heiny, Chris Taylor

Brochure Design:

Computer Commons Gallery Director:
Barbara Eshbach

Gene Cooper

Special Thanks:
Shiela Britton, Art Cantrall, Patrica Clark, Linda Dennis, Daryl Eshbach, Jim Howard, Bill Lewis, Dan Overton, Jannette Robison, Francis Sales